KONSTFACK  Degree Exhibition 2010
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Thursday May 20 - Sunday May 30, 2010
Monday-Friday 12am – 7pm, Saturday-Sunday 12am – 4pm

casebok collaboration “the script”, Photo: Jennica Magnusson, WAI

Jacquelyn Davis


In response to a mercurial political climate stemming from America’s stance on foreign policy, plans were developed to stimulate cross-cultural collaboration and continue investigations into site-specificity. valeveil is a small publishing press and curatorial node devoted to strengthening connections between America (i.e. the United States) and Scandinavia—a receptive tool for cultivating art, experimental design, critical writing, contemporary literature and poetics; the project hopes to foster more candid examinations of faction-forming and allegiance and is interested in the correlation between cultural production and cultural difference with the goal to harness, redirect and unleash untapped potential which otherwise appears inhibited or dormant.

The name is a conjoined heterograph symbolizing communication between forces which are simultaneously different yet fundamentally the same: vale = “world” and veil = “mask” or “wedding veil” depending on the context and concern. Conceptually, valeveil continually evolves but began with two projects: (1) casebok which is a collaborative experiment coalescing creative energies rhizomatically stemming from California and Sweden; and (2) the poetic duo with book launches at REDCAT and Galleri Kleerup.

Year of birth: 1980
Place of birth: USA
Contact: info@valeveil.se
Phone: +46 (0) 735081004
Website: www.valeveil.se
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WIRE (write + interpret + research + exhibit)